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God Tools Changes

squevil AnbVE posted Apr 18, 16

All god tools now have Unbreaking 1000. They were meant to and I didnt notice. Sorry. fixed now.

All prices were reduced recently too. Items are 50% less than before.

scottyizsmall nbW$V Is it possible for you to swap my donator items out with the unbreaking 1000 ones? If not its fine!

Changes and additional content.

squevil AnbVE posted Mar 26, 16
Busy times! The server is almost back to full order now. Our main goal now is to build more!
Player shops at the spawn will be added after the economy can be assessed. which shouldn't take too long.
Changed how players make money. You now need to get a job (unemployed people still earn but 66% less). To get a job visit the job center at spawn, you cant miss it! Expect some balancing over the next few weeks though.
New score boards, with jobs comes job levels. You can now see where you rank on the scores next to the website score boards at spawn.
Pets have been added. They are very powerful at preset and will be adjusted within the next 24 hours. the pet shop is next to the gun shop. Same format as the previous map.
Guns are back at spawn, you can purchase all of them in 1 place now. there were slight changes made and mostly to the sounds.
Donator shop:
Increased durability to 1000 to a pocket money value. Many prices are now 50%!
Increased durability to 1000
Increased efficiency on items to 100
Added mending to many items
Added dragon head
Added shield
Added wings
The coupon is still in effect until the 31st of March. Coupon code: onepointnine
Ye damn final should hopefully pick up again in couple weeks
Ahhh will explain a lot. It's not too much of a concern. The servers will not be going anywhere fast. Even if quiet.
Its Finals Week. I wont be on Noblox for some time. I end school on May 15 so expect people then.
I saw 0 online at 11pm gmt. Perhaps noblox just doesn't work in today's market?
Dunno. I updated too. It's feeling like end times.
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