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Hey guys, been working on some new stuff lately and I have now updated to 1.8 (yay).
All clients (1.7 and 1.8) can now connect to the servers. has had some further changes made, some were covered in the previous post.

PvP is on in the wilderness and warzones.
McMMO has been added.

As usual there is a donation shop discount for the update release. This coupon code is 18off. By entering the code you will get 18% off for both servers. the code will not expire until November the 30th 2014. I really do not want to downgrade our packages any further. We have until December the 20th to get a few 100 dollars to ensure NoBlox doesnt have to further downsize. I am confident that will not happen if I can get some more support.

killerlycan nbMW$ when is the next wipe
Timdog35 nbMW$ woop

PvP Enabled on

squevil AnbVE posted Oct 11, 14
Its back! You can now pvp on freely. In order to pvp you must be NEUTRAL to the faction you wish to fight. You can still not enemy without paying the insane costs. This is to manage any issues with pvp. If all is well in the near future you maybe able to enemy factions again freely too.
To balance any donator issues iron rank or higher no longer has the ability to fly. There is also a price reduction on all ranks from today. There is still time to also claim your free coal rank and get some spawning abilities and /back on death.

To summarize:

You can only pvp neutral factions.

You can not pvp if;

You are not in a faction.
You are allied to a faction.

Flying disabled.

Warzone pvp is not effected and there is still no power loss on death at this time.

Any of you been following the latest news online? As some people maybe aware, Bukkit have been taking legal action of sorts against Mojang. This has halted any Bukkit activity and puts servers that rely on Bukkit in a tight situation. Basically I can not upgrade to the latest version of Minecraft until it is resolved. Because of the nature of this, it could take many many months!
Also in the news today, and this is the most damaging. Mojang have now sold out to Microsoft.
At present I am unsure what this could mean for these types of servers. We will find out in the following weeks, im sure.
Lastly, I paid the server bills and website bills for the next 3 months. I now have £17.04 in the server kitty. This does not even cover 1 months of website bills. Noblox has never had any financial difficulty before like this. This has been the server income and costs over the last 3 months:

Donations: $347.60 $25

total: $372.6

Server bills: $424.00 $248.55

website $85.85

total: $758.4

As you can clearly see this billing period is at a massive loss! In 3 months time when the new billing date is due I will not be able to afford this amount on my modest wages. It would literally make me homeless and sadly I can not go dig up some dirt blocks and make a new house. A creeper will come blow it up ffs!!
Today I reduced the bill a little by downgrading a package. But this will not be enough to see us past another 3 months without player support. When there are updates the server traffic usually slows greatly anyway, but this was happening before the 1.8 update. I am also aware that people have school or work commitments now and can not have as much play time either.

So, what will happen in 3 months if the bill isnt met? Well I will not be able to to pay to be put simply. The website will have 43 days left before it shuts down and the servers would be suspended until the bill is paid. What I will strongly consider is take a massive step back in time and keep running but on the most basic server running vanilla (or if there is a stable bukkit, a very basic set up) with maybe 10 or 20 slots. The website will be downgraded to either a free or cheap package, which in turn, may deny me access to many of its great features.
So I will not die easily, I will keep things running, but nothing like we have or have ever had.

The alternative is to get these bills sorted within 3 months. 2 issues though; very few players online and its quite a lot to raise. It is down to the community to make these changes. You can invite more friends on. You can advertise Noblox elsewhere. Im reluctant to give permission to advertise on other servers though, so use your own initiative there! You can post forum chats on planet Minecraft and link Noblox in your signature and there are other means, like advertising on various Youtube videos. These are things I actively did in the past.
Would it be helpful if I also added a progress bar on the website showing how far we got until the bills are met too? This can be easily done I believe. It is down to you guys to save your server.

Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions bellow, it will be interesting to hear the communities viewpoint on these topics.


BenjaminT247 nbN tim, that was beautiful
Blueseph nbW$V Vanilla noblox sounds nice ...
boyzrule105 nbMW$ This has nothing to with it but you should expand the world border. ...
I will try and get on tonight but can't promise. I have some real life issues right now which don't enable me to get on much.
Donated items will be sent out on Thursday or Friday evening if they didn't arrive. Unfortunately I'm working in a place where I can't access the Internet on my laptop. Like katnip I will give you extras for the wait. Worth more than the purchase.
the [link] server has a lot of lag
i donated for the comedy kipper
i donated and my thing wont come
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