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Competition Time!

squevil AnbVE posted Jul 29, 15

Fancy yourself as a good builder? I've been asked countless times by people if they can help build spawn or even to make one. So heres your chance!

The competition is to make a new spawn within some guidelines, all of which will be listed bellow and with the rules of entry. If there is a winner, their build will become the new spawn and will be safezoned. So how about that? If interest read on...


You are responsible for your materials. None will be given and is part of the challenge.

You really should faction claim the area you build at.

The spawn can not be too close to other people so start in an area far away from others.

Spawn will need to be close to trees but not necessarily in them.

You will need to have all the normal Noblox spawn stuff at your spawn, for reference refer to the current spawn and include everything you see there but in your own design. As a side note, the mini pvp must be within 1 chunk in order to claim as warzone. You may add other features such as a large pvp arena, however you MUST consider chunks and warzone claims or it wont count. Adding the features and using chunks correctly will make or break my decision. This rule is the most important.

Speaking of design, I would prefer to keep a wild west theme. But if you have a better idea feel free, but I am more likely to choose a wild west themed spawn build.

If I dont like any of the entries I may not choose to have any as spawn but I will give rewards of my choice to my favorites. (so do not enter if you can not accept being turned down!)

You may of course build as a team.

The winning spawn will get all claim costs returned. ONLY the winning (if there is one) spawn.

All shops should be left blank for me and Tim to fill in when done. Feel free to add signs to signal what shop you want and where.

We can not provide spleef or mob arenas at this time. Feel free to add other games like parkour though but ensure they are within the servers abilities to function correctly.

The spawn must be informative and user friendly to both new people and players wishing to access its features. Avoid making it confusing.

Dont forget that not only the builds will be protected but an area of around 3-4 chunks around it all too.

You are not from PlanetMinecraft.


Closing date will be the end of August.

Winners will either be chosen by popular vote or by myself, depending on number of entries or quality of spawns.

There will be additional rewards for very good builds. TBA

EdwardOfEngland nb We now have to talk down here D: (first)


squevil AnbVE posted Jul 24, 15

OFFICIALGTWO is now a mod/deputy on trial. Let us know how he is doing. We havnt put anyone on the mod team for at least a year, so here goes nothing!

I am also looking for 2 other staff ranks. Youtuber and Advertiser.


I want a player to make a dedicated channel with a unique name for Noblox and based jsut on our server. You will be required to make 1 or 2 videos a week at least. But importantly they need to be good and a high quality. If you would like the possition please contact me and show me a demo.


We can also do with more adverts. But this post is not going to other servers and broadcasting IP. You will be required to chat on minecraft websites and promote Noblox in anyway possible. It could even mean adding postrs in your local schools or clubs, but basically you will need to spread the word. One method I found good was to post the domain in popular youtube videos. If interested message me and we can disscuss.

Succsessful candidates will be on trial with no additional ranks to begin with. If what you are doing is good you will earn a unique ranks and as you become more succsessful you can earn donator perks and more!

Comment bellow if you have questions or send me a message or chat via our forums. I can give more details to duties if you are interested.

jsr5404 nbt$N£ go official btw he's doing great!!
Alex_Frey1999 nb congrats official
orin1471 nb I think Official would make a great mod because he is very helpful and hasnt abused his powers this make me feel he woul ...

Summer map and update.

squevil AnbVE posted Jun 23, 15

As most have already seen, Noblox has had a major update and a new map. Everything is now current and up to date. Some changes have been made that I will list:

Latest version of factions.

The old version was nearly 4 years old and was not compatable with 1.8. It was the main reason for the new map. There are new commands for people to learn and are linked in the guide section on the forum.

Economy is back.

At the server town there are shops to sell and buy items at. You can make your own shops at your bases too if you wish. Money is for land claiming and other game items.


The map has a wild west theme and I thought it was suitable to add a few custom guns. There are a select few and will be for purchase at spawn. This also gives many other possibilities for mini games etc.

World set to normal instead of hard.

PvP is still enabled, but land protection is active and you still cant over claim from other players.

Server ranks.

These have been adjusted and are set to pernament, as in there is no set expiry date. Previously it was 100 days but that is no longer the case. If you donated within the last 100 days, contact me and we can arrange a suitable pernament rank for you. On this note, other micro transactions have been evaluated and have been reduced by 30% or more in price.

World border.

The world is small for the next week or 2. Every day the world is slowly growing by over 400 blocks, this will max at 15,000.

I think this covers the main changes. As normal, explore spawn and as we build upon it there will be more features. Thanks for the support!


jsr5404 nbt$N£ i purchased a rank that hasn't expired but I don't have a rank now so could you please answer me back?
I wanted to tonight but something came up. I'm free Saturday though from around 20:00 gmt
when be the spawn judging i be waiting to win
I know people that have had their Macs for 4 years and still going. :sick:
cause macs just go kaboom, byut hy u no umplodu officials
Sometimes RIP
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