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Ok so it has been a pretty chill month. Sadly no competitions. So how about we have 2 this month?

Get 10% off everything this April at the donation shop with coupon code:


(no joke!)

Put the coupon code in after choosing the item and the price is worked out upon purchase. The discount code will work on all servers and on all items. competition. This month is another building competition. Remember the old Noblox theme parks? Well now it is your turn. The competition is to build a park ride. It can be anything from a roller coaster to a water slide. The build doesnt have to be a working model either. If you want to make a ferris wheel, go ahead! Function is not important. The judging will be on looks alone. So go nuts and make some wild rides!

The rules:

It must be on
You must claim your build
More than 1 person can work on the build but only 1 person will get a prize for the entry
1 entry per person
You must enter here to enter the competition:

If you do not abide by the rules you will be disqualified.

You have until April 20th to enter. I will be judging them until the end of April and the winner will be announced here.


Winner will get:
1 million xp
$50 to spend at the donation store (discounts are NOT included)
$500,000 competition.

Ever wanted to design your own item? Well thats what I am looking for! On the Noblox donation page you can purchase items like titan swords and comedy kipper. Please go take a look at them here:
I want you to design a custom item similar to those you see on the donation page. Be creative with it and make it interesting. I am not looking for really silly OP items. Try and make a story for it and be original. To see a guide on making custom items, go to the donation page and scroll down to the items that say 40 - 60 - 80 - 100 on them, here you can already make custom items. But if you click on the image on the store (dont worry it wont purchase it!) it will give a guide on how to write a custom item. Here is my example for a competition entry:

Item: Leather Pants
Colour: Black
Enchants: Blast Protection 200
Name: Farty Pants
Name Colour: Dark Green
Lore: These Pants Protect From Even The Smelliest Farts!

You can choose almost any item you like, if you want to have a stick and call it sticky, you can!

The rules:

Only 1 entry per player
Please follow the given example
No enchants over 200 (some other restrictions will apply if your item is created)
Make your entry in this forum thread:
Competition ends April 20th. Winner will be announced at the end of April. 


Winner will get:
5 copies of their custom item to do what they want with
Be the first to play test the upcoming new secret build server rank


Loof27 Merp? Meh hope meh win ...
BenjaminT247 seem cool, may the best player win ...

NB Glass

squevil AVE posted Mar 11, 14
The glass server is on the test server. It may crash a lot but will only be reset when I can. It wont be a priority for me. I wont be doing anything with it. Play at your own leisure. If I need the test server for any reason the game maybe removed. It is only a temporary server.
squevil AVE it never will get popular
rextheminecraft when i try it wont work why?
cookiecookies Is it possible that, if there's enough people online on the server, then you can make it "not a test server?"

March Donation Discount

squevil AVE posted Mar 1, 14
25% off level 60 custom items.

Plus I will duplicate the item so you get 2 of the custom item that you create.

Use coupon code: custom

Also I added a cookie gun to deadlands.

How to create a custom item:

Purchase this option and after PRIVATE MESSAGE SQUEVIL exactly what item you will be creating. If you are unsure if your item can be made ask squevil before purchasing and it can be tested first. It is advised that you ask if your item is possible before creating it.
After purchase squevil will also get a notification and the item will be created at the soonest possible moment. Items are not created instantly so please be patient.
Item creation has some quick and easy rules to follow, they are:

Only armors, legs, helmets, boots, tools and swords can be used. Tools are rods, shears, hoes, shovels and picks.

Item level restrictions are:
(if the enchant isnt listed it is not restricted)

sharpness 8
fire damage 8
thorns 10
knockback 20
flame (bow) 15
fortune 8

Custom names can not be too long, depending on how many different enchants you choose.
When adding a custom name to your item you can not use these codes:

§k Obfuscated
§l Bold
§m Strikethrough
§n Underline
§o Italic
§r Reset

Ultimately it is best to ask squevil if your custom item can be used before purchase. That way any issues can be discussed before purchase and you will avoid disappointment.

All enchants are found here:

All custom colour codes are found here:

As well as a name there can also be room for a lore if you do not add too many enchants. A lore is some additional information on the item when you view it.

Example of a custom item with 60 points:

Diamond Sword

Unbreaking 40
Looting 10
Sharpness 5
smite 5

Name - loot maker
Name colour - black

Lore - money machine

After you do purchase and have the item confirmed you will be messaged by squevil and your item will be sent to you as soon as possible. Sometimes there can be a delay in item transfer but it will not usually take longer than 2 or 3 days. If you see squevil on in the evenings it can be almost instant.
Make sure you state what world it will be on in chat.

maybe ill set up a little "easter egg hunt" this weekend
colts2012 is advertiser in build noblox
NO wait i can catch it and have it lay me eggs with cookies oh the power!
this is the year i eat the easter bunny on easter
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