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New Rank

squevil AnbVE posted Tue at 22:02

I have added a Coal rank. It is purchased with 10 points that you can only obtain by voting. I have removed voters shoes and lowered the cost of the voters sword.

Coal rank has all the normal permissions and the kit 'battlepack'. All other ranks also now have battlepack, not just obsidian ranked players.

Coupon extension

squevil AnbVE posted Sun at 19:15

Extension to the coupon code CoCpetS. It will now expire next Sunday due to the downtime at the weekend and by popular demand.

Donation Shop Changes

squevil AnbVE posted Jan 18, 16

All items have been buffed.

Ranks now get a donator sword and cash. Ranks higher than Iron also get a massive xp bonus.

You can now get gold blocks and a custom name prefix.

Gold blocks have been added since you no longer lose guns when you die.

Dont forget the 25% coupon code lasts until the 31st of Jan. the code is:


squevil AnbVE Was just a mistake.
ShadowBlade2498 nbE Are the new gold block donations supposed to be the same amount of points for donators? 200 for both and one is twice as...
Ah fuck. 2 crashes in 1 night. May need to make some repairs then!
Or today... Depends on the timezone :p
Study! Sque will fix it tomorrow.
sque pls I don't want to resort to studying ;-;
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