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Power Armour Winners

squevil AnbVE posted Apr 17, 15

I chose all 5 donators over the Easter period. As there was 5 I thought that each deserve the prize.

The winners are:






Thanks for the support!

EdwardOfEngland nb Ben, Why the russian sleep gas guy? IS HE REAL?!?!?! It's been in my mind for ages ...
Mark__Pvp nb Is there gonna be 4th of july gifts for recent donaters??? -Mark
Timdog35 nbMW$ Use american english stupid squevil don't use England english where it actually came from For Example: I do not want to ...

Competition winner and give away

squevil AnbVE posted Mar 30, 15

Congratulations to OFFICIALGTWO, you win $50 woth of items at the Noblox store!

As it is Easter there will be 20% off all purchases for the next 2 weeks also. Every person who donates over these 2 weeks will be entered into a prize draw. The winner will be chosen at random and they will win:

A Winterised Power Armor.

Diamond helmet, diamond armor, diamond legs and diamond boots. With:

Protection 10

Durability 1000

The easter coupon code for 20% off is: eastergiveaway

Timdog35 nbMW$ dyland that aint it your build did not have enough anus it is as simple as that
StickGuy nbW$V GG, Ill win next time probably, me being canadien is a disadvantage xD Tim xD

Donator changes

squevil AnbVE posted Feb 16, 15

Ranks now last 100 days. There was a small price increase to reflect this but they are much better value now.

Before Architecti Ranks was $5.00 for 30 days or 17c per day. The new time and price makes it 1c per day.

Venator Rank was $20.00 for 30 days or 70c per day. The new time and price makes it 40c per day.

On top of this some players may not of been aware that more kits were added to higher ranks too, including kits like spawner and ores.

These changes are also available on pixelmon.

Many thanks for your support, you guys keep noblox online and we thank you for that.

Jsr is interested.... :sick: is he... idk...
I'm interested, when will it be done (in a month or so does not cover it... )
Not that I doubted you did. But you said very little, if it were because I messaged you and you thought that I didn't want everyone else to know what... Then thank you :sick: (as it is the case)
ok :sick:
I've taken in everything you said
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