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squevil AnbVE posted Jun 29, 16

We are about to hit a quarter of a million website views! Thats 250,000!!

To celebrate I will create a custom Noblox armour set and sword. The 250,000th viewer can win this by doing the following:

If you log on and the wesbite says 250,000, take a screen shot and post a forum post. Posts are marked with a timestamp so the first person to get on and be the 250,000th viewer wins!

You must post your screenshot of the website in your own forum post to be able to win this super OP prize. Im talking Armour 1000 diamond set and massively OP sword. No pvp allows me to give out some really nice prizes this summer. So log here daily to become the 250,000th viewer!

838013 nbW$N Hopefully no losers set up a bot going *F5>screenshot>repeat*
gamewizard nb what about for the one that have viewd it already D:

Important changes

squevil AnbVE posted Jun 20, 16

Today I am rebuilding Noblox. I am removing everything due to not being able to pay for the current plan. As discussed a month ago everything will downsize and most plugins will be removed.

I am going to keep noted in this post as my progress goes. So if anyone is watching they can see how it is going.

Main changes are as follows:

Non-pvp outside of warzones. Due to bugs you can hurt people still, it is not promoted, but theres nothing we will do about it in all honesty. PvP will only be limited due to access of /fly.

Flying will be available as a donation and a voting perk.

There will be 3 ranks; member, donator and sponsor. Flying will be an additional addon.

All items at the store are going to be drastically reduce in price to reflect the servers cost.

Faction claiming will be free but all land must be connected (this stoped people abusing this as much as possible) there will be a 1 chunk boundry between factions.

All ranks will be removed. If you have previously donated you can pick up a rank for free from the store. It will show how much of a discount you get off each rank depending on how much you previously spent. In most cases this will be FREE.

The spawn will be small and basic. I do want some shops to sell donator gear, but I am not going to rely on a server economy.

Jobs done so far:

Back up old files.

Downloaded server.

Basic spawn layout complete.

Money making shop complete (limited sales but that will be as it is).

PvP marked out.

95% configs completed.

Changed the ranks and shop on the whole. Previous donors should be able to buy a free rank now. It has the same perks, but the new prices reflect the demand/my costs.

Removed gun tokens from voting.

Added fly rank.

Beta complete. Please report any issues bellow in the comments. I will pop back later to check in!

johnhention nbN Lets just let Noblox Rest In Peace, it ran its course, bt Minecraft is a dead meme now
838013 nbW$N Is there a reason that some people got free ranks and others didn't, assuming all had ranks before the update?
gamewizard nb squevil I feel like if your server was stable and u were able to fix bugs etc it would be a good server were everyone do...
I might not be on a lot now, my friend got a private server and we are trying to defeat the Ender Dragon.
13/60, if you aren't Nobloxing you suck at life.
noblox is where its at right now
who needs sleep when you can AFK
When it's early/late as ever and 7 people are on. Who needs sleep?
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