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Donator changes

squevil AnbVE posted Feb 16, 15

Ranks now last 100 days. There was a small price increase to reflect this but they are much better value now.

Before Architecti Ranks was $5.00 for 30 days or 17c per day. The new time and price makes it 1c per day.

Venator Rank was $20.00 for 30 days or 70c per day. The new time and price makes it 40c per day.

On top of this some players may not of been aware that more kits were added to higher ranks too, including kits like spawner and ores.

These changes are also available on pixelmon.

Many thanks for your support, you guys keep noblox online and we thank you for that.

Coupon code

squevil AnbVE posted Jan 24, 15
Your loyal servant has come of age. I will officially be an old man on the 26th :(
But as 30 is a biggie I'm offering 30% off all items on the donator page for this weekend only. Offer ends Tuesday 27th.

I have upgraded ranks and added some more kits. If you have any other ideas to make ranks more exciting send me a comment.

Coupon code: oldman

Thank you to all the donations this month. We have secured the server for quite a few months :)

Pixelmon server.

The server is up and running. The IP at the moment is still:

You will need to have forge and pixelmon installed on your client to access it.
I will have full tutorials etc soon. We are still experiencing some crashes due to the lack of CPU. the server reboots every 3 hours to keep downtime to a minimum. Hopefully we can get some funding and get an upgrade in the future.

tjtol nb PixelMon Server isn't working for me D:

Pixelmon server beta

squevil AnbVE posted Jan 19, 15
Server IP:

There will be more information over the next few days. Install forge and pixelmon and join up.
There will be full tutorials etc soon :)

Ellie_is_cool nb sque is there something wrong with the server cause I haven't been able to get on it since yesterday..
squevil AnbVE you need to assign more RAM then id imagine
dylanbukstel nbM$V i keep crashing
Tomorrow evening. It's tims choice. I will be on after around 22:30 gmt
When is comp winner posted?
It's a figure of speech.
Whats a brownie point sque?
Hello agaion ;o
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