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Competition Time!

squevil AnbVE posted Dec 12, 14
*EDIT* due to me not being able to get online last Monday. you now have until Friday 19th to gather loot. Get as many of the loot items as you can and get loads of points for a chance to win.

I need some bounties and you can get paid big for the loot. Each loot item is worth points. The more points you can get, the better chance you will win.
You will be required to hunt down the beasts of Noblox and gather their spoils.

Gather the following items:

Wither Skulls: 1
Ghast Tears: 2
Magma Cream: 1

Hunt these Nether beasts over this weekend and on Monday the 15th of December I will be online as much as I can, if you are lucky enough to catch me online. Ask me to check your enderchest and I will tally up your loot. At the end of the evening I will announce the winner. The winner will be the player with the most points. All the bounties will be removed from the player after they are revealed.

You can combine your efforts but only 1 player will get the prizes.

Prizes are:

A unique bounty hunter sword
A unique wither skull helmet
100,000 xp
64 diamonds

A unique hunting bow
100,000 xp

100,000 xp

Timdog35 nbMW$ silly dylanb we are trying to get you AWAY from doing school work
dylanbukstel nbM$V there was like no one on today lol, i think next due date for a comp should be like on a weekend or a break, like the up ...
Dyland1300 nbW$V Sweet

Noblox V4

squevil AnbVE posted Dec 1, 14
After months of planning Noblox has officially changed to version 4.

The agenda was to create a server much like the original Noblox. I have tried to create a game that is as close to a retro Noblox as I could. This was by popular demand by many players.
The list of changes are:
  • No economy to worry about.
  • The return of magic carpets, but all players can access them under restricted conditions.
  • PvP everywhere and the ability to enemy other factions.
  • Land claiming is 100% free.
  • No nonsense spawn.
  • Everyone has a TP delay.
  • Donators have had all their abilities drastically reduced and will have no advantage over other players.
  • Everyone will have tp timers so ranked players cant instantly escape.
  • There will be the return of build projects, where you can apply for blocks to build massive projects.
  • Will be looking into the prospect of replacing some moderators.
  • Will have regular competitions again.
  • In 4 weeks will be gone so we can concentrate on 1 server again.

I have had a few questions asked many times, to clear things up here is a small FAQ, if you have further questions please ask in the comments.

Will there be shops at spawn?

No there wont be any shops anymore. You can make risky trades with player, but there will not be economy shops.

What is my money for then?

Players start off with $5000 and each day they vote they can earn another $5000. You use this money to use the magic carpet command. All players have the ability to use magic carpets. Magic carpets are like flying but have advantages for both building and pvp. Gaining money by only voting should help increase server traffic, if the players do vote.

Will I get my old rank back?

All ranks have been changed. All the old ranks have been removed and deleted. This is for a number of reasons:

I wanted all players to be balanced, no we have a stronger focus on pvp again, it was not fair that some players could just fly about and use OP commands. Some donator perks have even been dropped down to the member rank for balance reasons.

I had to restructure the payment system, ranks now expire after 30 days. the cost for ranks is much lower. this insures that we generate an income to pay the server bills. 4 months have passed now where I did not generate enough money to pay for the bills. So rather than shut down I reverted back tom the old system. As all the ranks had drastically changed, it was the right time to do so.

The ranks are now more or less in line with Mojangs end user agreement.

I was consistently getting an average of 3-4 players on a day. This is a tiny fraction of the amount of ranked players there actually are. I did this at a time where it would have the smallest impact.

Because you were a previous donator you have been given something that no other player has, you have the rank Architecti or I, forever. This rank will not expire for you. If you wish to you can upgrade your rank still and after a 30 day period you will still have the Architeci permissions. You will not loose these. We had discussed this together on the forums and players accepted that this was the best idea. If you are only realising this now, then you should access the Noblox community more often.

I have paid for Iron rank, why cant I have it back?

The old ranks can not be returned because of the reasons I have stated above. It should also be noted that in the terms and conditions (that you agreed to) that you are never purchasing anything and that the money spent is a donation to the server costs. I was at a point where the server bank had run dry. It was either shut Noblox down (in which case you would have no rank at all!) or create something new. Now bear in mind I could of just shut down and started hosting under a new name, avoiding this situation where a few of you are not happy about the loss. However I have done the right thing and been transparent about the plan.

Will there be warps to the wilderness?

Yes, but I didnt want to just make a warp. Each warp will take you to a temple that is the same style of spawn. Making the server a bit more pleasant and feel more finished. Each temple will have heal signs and a bit of creativity added.

Can you raid factions?

There is no power loss on death. I was toying with the idea of having power loss, but this was not in the original Noblox model. We would like player to know that their builds that they spent many hours on are safe. Ultimately your faction is your responsibility, if you invite a player and they raid you this way it is both your own fault and isn't against the rules.

Why cant I claim land that is not connected to my faction?

For now this is how we will have land claiming. Over time we will assess how it is effecting players. Feel free to add a poll in the near future on the forums. However bear in mind this has been put in place for your protection. Now claiming is free people could quite easily troll factions and claim land near bases just to annoy others. With this in place it reduces that risk.

So faction claiming will always be free?


What is happening to the build server?

On the 24th of December the payment plan for build expires. In the last 6 months build has generated a total of $5 towards its costs. This is not sustainable. It is my regret to say that build will be shutting down on Christmas day. All donated player ranks from build will transfer to mc.noblox and those players will also get the Architecti rank. all server traffic to build.noblox will be redirected to mc.noblox.

Can I get creative on mc.noblox or my kits back?

Version 4 is about focusing on survival and the challenges it brings. 95% of kits were removed so players will have to gather resources again and play the game as it was designed. This is part of the balancing and makes the game fair for everyone. For instance there is no risk for a player if they only need to type commands in their base to get items. However, going out into the wild to gather items has its own dangers, normal mobs, other players and of course the added custom mobs that are more powerful then regular mobs.


I hope that clears a few things up. The most important thing to remember is that these changes were made to ensure Noblox doesn't shut down any time soon. If I did not make these changes then you wouldn't have a server to play on at all, at least not a Noblox server anyway.

Any further questions, please comment bellow and I will happily answer them and add then to this feed.

killerlycan nbMW$ yay wars are back and pvp without the op ranks ...

mc.noblox restart

squevil AnbVE posted Nov 29, 14 will be unavailable for most of today while I implement V4.

Thank you.
scottyizsmall nbW$V Ugh Im so exited ...
Due to inactivity the competition is postponed further. Keep collecting and next week I will be counting your totals. Hopefully some more players are online too...
haha jayz and beyonce [link]
Cant get on mc with all of these exams -,-
mc is lagging badly! need a reboot!
You need multiples of the items dude. No need for any wither skulls. Just get a loads of tears. Up to you.
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