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New errr OLD Map!

squevil AnbVE posted Sep 29, 16
I have uploaded one of our old successful maps from way back in 2012. The map is from update 1.4. This was the oldest working map I had available and had a few noteworthy notes of historical importance:
GriefNationUK came to vist us. We were featured by them and got a big following from it. (thanks to the angry customer that contacted them to grief us, only we were lucky enough to have one of their members in our community (Kmarie) and was none other than boyzrule's sister! We were also featured by another youtuber but I forget who they are now, but they were also very well known.
This was the map when I became competent at hosting and was a good example of our model and what made noblox so great. You may get some of that vibe from spawn, but unfortunately, things like the automated hunger games is no longer working.
It was the map of the Noblox president. This was a fun thing we did where the server voted for a president each month. Unfortunately this backfired with some massive cheating going on by users creating loads of new accounts to make more votes.
This was the map where donations and community support really blew up! To represent this ive change the current ranks so they are closer to those back then. So the prefix now shows a $ and $+. This also means that $+ can also fly by default.
I wish I could of got an older map, maybe one where Teffan was still active, but they have been lost to the sand of time. However I hope old and new players will enjoy this bit of Noblox History too. You should read some of the names at spawn! Or explore some of the old bases, Ive had a quick look and seen a lot of old names about and some great builds! Be quick though as I can only imagine how badly damaged they will be soon as they get raided.
squevil AnbVE Thank you. It's the reason why it's on. Could be our last month and I want to say a big thanks to everyone by ...
LavaPhoenix nbW$V Hopefully it's as good as i remember, haven't played mc for 2 years so looking forward to the nostalgia

Noblox End Game

squevil AnbVE posted Sep 19, 16

Check out this thread:

Lazy post I know but the thread says it all. Thanks to scotty we have a whole month (or more if we get more support) of play time.

You want OP godmode carnage server? Or usual format? Old map uploaded? Have your say in the thread linked!

Noblox should be dead but is coming back to life more than zombie jesus on roids.

Legend tells me if you're good enough you can find a halloween themed base with loot in it.
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