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Special voting item

squevil AnbVE posted Nov 10, 15

To celebrate the release of Fallout 4, for 1 week only you can buy a Fallout Raiding set for 15 voting points from the donation store.

Bug Fixes and extras.

squevil AnbVE posted Oct 23, 15

I have fixed a few bugs, including the rendering issue.

Everything is loading and running as it should now.

Repaired the gun shop and that is now fully functional again.

Opened the end portal at spawn. (Expect heavy mob events in the near future).

Streamlined the spawn area, you can now travel around faster.

Added enchant table at the saloon.

Added player bounties.

You can now set a bounty on a player and the person who kills them gets the bounty and a head. (Don't be mistaken they get a head, not 'head'.)

Returned the 1 time kit 'Archangel'. You will get a boss sword for free!

To do list:

Add mike's town to the warp network and update it with a large interactive pvp area.

Rebuild the community after a long absence of mine. (personal circumstances are now allowing me time to focus on the server again).

Create new quests and challenges.

It will be nice to see a few more people return with me. I will be trying to add new activities as often as possible. And as always I will be keeping the server in the same vanilla inspired survival mode that we have always used for these years.

On a side note I eagerly await the abusive messages and the complimentary advertising spams.

NowWatchMeWhip nb OFFICIALGTWO pull a "Panda" if any1 still remembers it xD
scottyizsmall nbW$V btw is Mike's Town micaelG64's spawn submission?
OFFICIALGTWO nbMNB Quitting the server forever because "Adding an OFFICIALGTWO statue at spawn" wasn't on the to do list, bye.


squevil AnbVE posted Sep 7, 15

Can all spawn builders comment bellow so I can make sure I view all entries before deciding the winner.

There is a 25% coupon code for the whole of september, use the code schoolsinyo for your discount!

EdwardOfEngland nb I built the spawn at /spawn, I think you'll be happy with it sque ...
michaelg64 nbW$V My spawn is obv butter then timdoug
Timdog35 nbMW$ Spawn builder winner reporting
Armour is still available even if the week has passed. Fo4 has a tight grip on me!
It will consume you. I've started dreaming about building settlements now XD
Cool seeing place I know and been to
Fallout 4 is bomb
That's odd.
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