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Plans for 2015

squevil AnbVE posted Tue at 21:53
I said a couple of months ago that I have hit a crisis point financially. With lack of serious commitment and a low player count we have so far not managed to raise anything near the quarterly server bill which is due in December. Sadly I dont have enough personal income to support this project on my own either. In actual fact it has been a pretty tough year for me in that way! Without spilling too much of my sob story, I even had to visit my bank for a loan to get some food for the rest of the month. Yeah its pretty tight.

So lets quickly get this finacial stuff out the way and I can move on to some plans I had in mind to ensure Noblox doesn't disappear from existance.

Income since last bill was:
Goal required for bare minimum would of been aprox $370

Im not saying that this can not be done and if it falls short by some small amount I maybe able to front a little to the costs. However I want a back up plan and I want to make my idea public so we can discuss this together. Some of the things you are about to read may piss some of you off. Id prefer to have a constructive talk and for you all to think about the bigger picture and how it can sustain the community for many more hours of gaming. If you can only say "I will just quit, bla bla bla" Your post will be ignored. If there is something you strongly disagree with, please use constructive critisism and we can all work out a favourable solution for everyone.

Ok hear out my drastic back up plan and lets discuss this bellow:

Delete It is dead weight. It has produced $5 in about 5 months and is not being sustained. Its popularity quickly diminished after the first map wipe.

Rebuild website and go on a far cheaper package. Right now I use the top tier, premium package and it is rather costly. But with what I will dub 'Noblox V4' I think a new look to the website would be good. Minimise it somewhat.

Delete all of And I mean everything, maps, plugins, ranks and all else. Total restart, hence V4. (This is the main point we need to discuss!).

My basic idea:

New map to condense it into a 2000x2000 map to begin with. Keep it small and keep the RAM low, this mean less crashes and a cheaper package will be used.

No focus on economy. I have an idea for using money though. After voting you will still get some money rewards. You will then be able to purchase additional perks, I am thinking something like being able to use magic carpets for an hour or something.

Focus more on survival. This will mean you can PvP and factions MAY (not decided) have some element of raiding. Claiming will be free and my idea is that it will cost a little to claim over land (just another reward for voting and another trivial use for cash).
I may also keep the custom mobs so it bring a bit more diversity and difficulty to your game.
With a smaller map, it means you will be in closer proximity to others so there is more action and more of a fight for resources and land. Of course if popularity grew, so will the map space.

Ranks. Heres the biggie. I want there to be a level playing field to start with. No game perks for players. Everybody will have the same chances as each other. So things like instant tp and /back on death will be gone. Oh and no kits either. I will create new ranks that will be available to purchase, they will only have cosmetic perks; pets, trails, custom text, nicknames and disguises.... etc. I can feel the rage now. So lets discuss this in more detail.
We wont get new players if people who join feel that it is pay to win. I don't feel that donators have much of an advantage right now as it is, but then again people will still believe so. I will also require a steady income to support the servers bills. Down sizing like this is great though for not needing as much. Ranks will be a lot cheaper and will inform the players exactly what they are supporting. For example:

Hero Rank $30 - Pays for the website for 30 days.

Tamer Rank $20 - Pays for the server for 15 days.

Those who have ranks right now may feel like they are getting ripped off. Well, the bottom line is this; I cant pay for the server at the end of December as it is right now. So you will loose the rank one way or another anyway. I stated 2 months ago that if things stay as they are I could only afford a vanilla server. Luckily I have had a bit more support than I hopped for and can offer a little more. Try and appreciate this before raging about your loss. But as I said, constructive ideas are welcome and if you have a better sustainable idea, I am all ears.

By taking this route, server costs go from $370 to under $100 per quarter.

Been thinking of a possible spawn idea. Im drawing a bit of a black though. I am open to ideas on this. I was thinking about giant mobs holding up the spawn???

This is of course a back up plan. But is quite likely to happen as I cant see any other way round it. Will be sad news for the few of you that do play. But as previously stated, I cant possibly continue as we are at this rate. It does make me feel quite excited about it though. So on the bright side I will be on a lot more again. sorry for my lack of dedication as of late. I am so busy right now I havnt had time to get onto my computer at all. This is the longest I been on it for 2 weeks!

So what you all think???

squevil AnbVE Not yet Ben. But I'd rather not leave it last min to decide. I'm 99.9% sure it will have to happen. So when I get a dece ...
BenjaminT247 nbN Is there a set date when this is going to go inte effect?
scottyizsmall nbW$V Nah sque youve got nothing to be sorry for! The rank I paied for lasted a good year or two Im glad to help support th ...
Hey guys, been working on some new stuff lately and I have now updated to 1.8 (yay).
All clients (1.7 and 1.8) can now connect to the servers. has had some further changes made, some were covered in the previous post.

PvP is on in the wilderness and warzones.
McMMO has been added.

As usual there is a donation shop discount for the update release. This coupon code is 18off. By entering the code you will get 18% off for both servers. the code will not expire until November the 30th 2014. I really do not want to downgrade our packages any further. We have until December the 20th to get a few 100 dollars to ensure NoBlox doesnt have to further downsize. I am confident that will not happen if I can get some more support.

killerlycan nbMW$ when is the next wipe
Timdog35 nbMW$ woop

PvP Enabled on

squevil AnbVE posted Oct 11, 14
Its back! You can now pvp on freely. In order to pvp you must be NEUTRAL to the faction you wish to fight. You can still not enemy without paying the insane costs. This is to manage any issues with pvp. If all is well in the near future you maybe able to enemy factions again freely too.
To balance any donator issues iron rank or higher no longer has the ability to fly. There is also a price reduction on all ranks from today. There is still time to also claim your free coal rank and get some spawning abilities and /back on death.

To summarize:

You can only pvp neutral factions.

You can not pvp if;

You are not in a faction.
You are allied to a faction.

Flying disabled.

Warzone pvp is not effected and there is still no power loss on death at this time.

did walk out of my nice warm dorm into the cold walk like 1/4th a mile up hill just to get a free hot chocolate...yes
Same here I rly rly want my rank still PLZ and I rly rly want to keep my Beck's Betty too PLZ
loving the release of the series 2 of the 3" action figures. loads better than series one!
mc is lagging a bit, pls restert
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