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Competition time! whoop whoop!!

squevil AnbVE posted Jul 17, 14
Lets have a long overdue competition. Going from the popularity of the ice, snow and dirt comps we will be having a sand competition this time round. The competition is based in a desert biome.

The challenge is to get creative with sand blocks, you can make anything you want but it has to just consist of sand. Due to sand being a gravity block and for lighting effects you may also use regular torches.

There is a warp pad on the spawn ship to get to the competition area. You must build within reasonable distance from the warp at the desert. If its too far away in the desert I may miss it!
You must faction claim the land you build on and you may not claim any more than 4 chunks.

The winner will get 5000 webstore points. there will be just one winner chosen. I will choose the most creative build from an original idea. but if you can only make a sand castle, please do because it it is pretty good you never know, you may still be in with a chance.

Competition closes on august the 1st.

Good luck!

squevil AnbVE You can make a team but there's 1 prize. You can always split items after people use the points.
BzeeInsanity nbW$N can we team up with another person and split the prize?
MetLinMee nbN Can we use string instead of torches to keep the sand floating?

Build Changes

squevil AnbVE posted Jul 8, 14
I have taken /gm away from regular players on build. For the following reasons:

  • It was too easy for disruptive players to create a bad gaming experience for others.
  • Players who previously donated to the server were upset by the changes.
  • No player would be interested in donating and without any donations the server would of been shut down due to expensive server costs. I do not want to shut the server down so I decided to make these changes.

Because many of you have enjoyed the server as creative I did not want to take that away from you. At the spawn you can go forward to a diamond block structure, after you enter you will get a rank 'cr'. cr rank stands for creative. cr ranks have exactly the same permissions as normal members with the added use of creative.

cr will be available until Sunday the 13th of July. After this time cr rank will not be available to anyone and all new members will only have kits available to them. The only way for new player to then get creative is by donating or voting.

All players with cr rank will keep it forever.

All other ranks are not effected. Do not enter the area that gives cr rank if your rank is $$ or higher. It will change your prefix but you will not loose any permissions. Ignoring this warning and the signs will mean you will be stuck with the title cr forever.

pickaxefreak nb Squevil, I used to be a creative by walking into the structure, but earlier today, i got killed in pvp and lost it, how ...
Timdog35 nbMW$ im a rebel so i walked in it anyway yay

Website Ranks

squevil AnbVE posted Jul 7, 14
I have been working on website ranks this weekend. You can now earn the following ranks on the website. some will even give game rewards on You will have to find out how each one is unlocked and find the secret rewards. Some might be obvious some maybe not. The rewards show on your forum posts and on your account page.


Username A

Massive Donation



Username M
Website Sponsor

Username W

Username $
Noblox Veteran

Username V
Elder One

Username E

Username S

Username NB
Forum Lurker

Username L
Top Donator

Username t$
Forum Noob

Username N
Server Sponsor

Username £
Comp winner

Username *

There is still a 14% discount on ALL donation store stuff with coupon code:

CosmicPixel nbW$V sque weren't you thinking about making the Veteran Tag a rank in game?
squevil AnbVE yellow nb is member and blue is blue. see the broken image for member? thats because i changed it.
gravitiman123 nb Squevil my profile has NB on it but am I really staff
Nah it is just mojand </3
sque mc noblox needs a restart its crazy laggy
i saw a packet for 85p in the airport and its always like a quarter full
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