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Noblox End Game

squevil AnbVE posted Sep 19, 16

Check out this thread:

Lazy post I know but the thread says it all. Thanks to scotty we have a whole month (or more if we get more support) of play time.

You want OP godmode carnage server? Or usual format? Old map uploaded? Have your say in the thread linked!

Noblox should be dead but is coming back to life more than zombie jesus on roids.


squevil AnbVE posted Jun 29, 16

We are about to hit a quarter of a million website views! Thats 250,000!!

To celebrate I will create a custom Noblox armour set and sword. The 250,000th viewer can win this by doing the following:

If you log on and the wesbite says 250,000, take a screen shot and post a forum post. Posts are marked with a timestamp so the first person to get on and be the 250,000th viewer wins!

You must post your screenshot of the website in your own forum post to be able to win this super OP prize. Im talking Armour 1000 diamond set and massively OP sword. No pvp allows me to give out some really nice prizes this summer. So log here daily to become the 250,000th viewer!

838013 nbW$N Hopefully no losers set up a bot going *F5>screenshot>repeat*
gamewizard nb what about for the one that have viewd it already D:
the burn, gradeA speaks to me [link]
Don't confuse operator and over powered.
Same thing with deadlands like i would love to have it back but every one would play it it would blow upt he first few weeks then just go to shit, you should stick with a standard pvp or vanilla server it seems to be more aliv
@squevil you did lmao "You want OP godmode carnage server" idk if you were just giving an example but its a shit idea pls dont do it
not like you help valk. xD
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